Visit Georgia – one of the most ancient and fascinating countries

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The idea of founding tourist agency “VisitGeorgia” was born in 1996 and the initiator was Mr. Alexander Mamulashvili. Then he worked in the field of marketing, offering the advertisements to the Georgian hotels in the local newspaper.
It took around 1 year to fulfill this idea and in March of 1997 he founded tourist agency “VisitGeorgia”. It offered to design website for the Georgian hotels.

The Great Caucasus – The Highest Mountain Range in Europe

  • Ushguli – Europe’s Highest Village

  • A Silk Road Country

  • Cradle of Wine

  • Land of the Golden Fleece

  • UNESCO World Heritage Sites

  • Ancient Christian Country

  • A 3000-Year-Old State

  • Unique Language and Script

  • Homeland of the First European

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