TeraText: To collect &store email records and associated files and attachments.

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TeraText® Searchable Archive for Files and Email (SAFE) is an enterprise-class search platform that enables government agencies and corporations to archive, store and search emails, files, and attachments in real time. Search results appear within seconds from a single application.This link opens a new window to the Compliance and Archive PDF Datasheet (176k)

TeraText SAFE helps your organization meet compliance requirements by providing a tool set to collect and maintain a searchable archive. This link opens a new window to the Data Security PDF Datasheet (183k)

TeraText DBS delivers a proven platform for storing and searching large volumes of information.

  • Enterprise scalability
  • Real-time search
  • Protect privacy of users and security of information
  • Mobile — web or PDA access
  • Compatible with existing email servers — Exchange, SendMail, PostFix
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