Tablespoons to Teaspoons – How many teaspoons in a tablespoon?

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Tablespoons to Teaspoons Conversion

How many teaspoons in a tablespoon?

Tablespoons to teaspoons volume units conversion factor is 3. To find out how many teaspoons in tablespoons, multiply the tablespoon value by the conversion factor or use the converter.

1 Tablespoon = 3 Teaspoons [US, UK or Metric]
1 Tablespoon = 4 Teaspoons [Australia]

Tablespoon is a commonly used volume unit in cooking recipes. 1 US tablespoon equals to 15 mL or 0.5 fluid ounces and Australian tablespoon is about 20 mL. The abbreviations are “tbsp“and “tbs“.Teaspoon is a volume unit used mostly in cooking recipes and prescriptions. 1 US teaspoon is about 5 mL and 1/6 of fluid ounces. The abbreviations are “tsp” and “ts“.

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