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To define what Oath itself is committed to, we set out eight essential company values. After months of listening, writing, soul searching, rewriting and gut-checking, we landed on these galvanizing statements. They are the touchstones for how we create, code, build brands, give back and lead the future.

Put consumers first

The only judge of our success is our consumer, period.

We before me

We go further together. We will build our company and our future as a team.

Raise the bar

Oath for Good partners with Board of Advisors Chair Serena Williams and Venus Williams

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 Twitch is a livestreaming platform designed for gamers. At any given time, you’ll find thousands (upon thousands) of young people streaming their gaming sessions. The livestreams are called “channels”  and you can search channels by the game being played. 

Students were instructed to go to my Twitch page at the time of class, and also open their LectureTools (which displays the slides and allows them to ask me questions and take notes, among other things). 

Then, I simply flipped through the PPT on my computer and talked through my headset to present the material. 

More easily distracted while at home such as distractions cited include roommates, Facebook and food

Everything Twitch

All the streams, chat, VOD and clips you love, available from the convenience of ridiculously powerful app.

Support the Stream

Show your support to your favorite streamers by subscribing or Cheering with Bits.

Voice & Video Calls

Voice calls with perfect sound whether you are with a friend or an entire raid group. Send a link and start a call with anyone!


A virtual home for your community to watch, play, and chat together even when the stream is offline.


Friend sync easily imports all your friends so you can spend less time herding cats and more time watching, chatting, and playing together!

The company provides “eSports” videos and other content to more than 20 million unique viewers a month. And now it will be on the expansion path thanks to a $15 million investment led by Bessemer Venture Partners.

People are clamoring to share their game playing with the rest of the world,” DiPietro said. “We are removing those barriers. It’s a one-click process to broadcast your match. It’s easy to consume, anywhere you want to consume it.

Twitch is exactly the kind of company that we seek for investment,” said Ethan Kurzweil, vice president at Bessemer Venture Partners. “Twitch is not just a game changer

They created the game and are creating new experiences for their community.

Twitch chat could soon be a lot friendlier: today the streaming service is introducing a new automated tool that’s designed to create a “positive and inclusive chat experience. The moderation tool is called AutoMod, and according to Twitch it uses a combination of machine learning and natural language processing to both block content deemed inappropriate and flag potentially troublesome content for review by a human mod later on. Currently the full version of AutoMod is only available in English, but the tool is also in beta for multiple languages, including Arabic, Czech, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish

An upstart streaming service is now an omnipresent monopoly.



.When live streaming arrived it was expensive and unreliable.When live streaming arrived it was expensive and unreliable.


This focus set Twitch apart from other streaming platforms. "The industry has largely adopted Twitch because they have the best infrastructure, features, and by far the biggest and most passionate community of gamers," says Kim Phan, the senior manager of eSports at Blizzard. 


Technology is one part of eSports' recent boom, but shifting economics have also played a role. 

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