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  • Our office

    Our office is located in the heart of Madrid's Gran Vía, where about 200 Tuenti employees work.
  • Tuenti international

    In addition, Tuenti has expanded its borders with a global mobile operator model and its launch in Latin America, reaching new markets such as Mexico, Peru and Argentina.
  • Tuenti "life style"

  • There are many reasons why we are proud to be part of Tuenti. One of them is our work philosophy, oriented to inspire the creativity of our team. Our ideas are heard and become reality. is an informal communication site made in 2000 by André Pitié who established Trombi SARL. This site enables individuals to discover, associate and stay in contact with companions from kindergarten, elementary school, secondary school, school in France.

School friends

Find your school friends from 13 million registered users. Search also possible with the maiden name!

Class Photos

More than 250,000 class photos with daily news! Wake up your memories with your school friends.

Class meetings

Discover the pictures and profiles, contact your classmates and organize your reunion!

Tribe is similar to social networks like Facebook and MySpace, but allows users to create their own personal networks with other users; forming "tribes."

Anyone may register as a new tribe user, and may then define their immediate network of friends, either by choosing from existing members or by inviting new members to join. Each of these users may in turn define their own network of friends

Anybody may enlist as another clan client, and may then characterize his or her prompt system of companions, either by browsing existing individuals or by welcoming new individuals to join. Each of these clients may thusly characterize their own particular system of companions.

Thank you for visiting the tsū website! The tsū social media platform had over 5 million users across the globe!

The tsū platform and technology are now available for sale. The assets for sale include:

  • The website, including computer code, data structures and algorithms
  • The tsū mobile applications (Android and iOS)
  • Trademarks and domain name registrations, including “tsū” and the “” domain
  • Intellectual property and trade secrets
  • Two previously developed, but not yet released, emoji applications
  • This was the platform that connected you with real friends, whom you even traveled across the world to meet in person. And we still keep in touch today.

About Travellerspoint, our goals and objectives and who is behind it.

ravellerspoint is one of the web's largest and most active travel communities with members representing every country in the world.

If you're thinking about travelling soon or ready to plan your trip - Travellerspoint is where your journey begins.

. We were travellers who had travelled, met people, lost contact with those same people and who wanted a site where you could track down old travel mates. It was a simple idea, but it grew into much more than a "find lost travel friends" site.

Recently featured photos

  • FB_IMG_1515552135380
  • 86 rubbing
  • 29 desert
  • 28 du
  • 20 Karakoram highway
  • Studio_20180109_084855
  • Morning view of Volcano Fuego
  • Crazy night eruption
  • Gorgeous view of the lake from my swimming spot
  • rice-bet
  • Sommet de Chartreuse
  • Green
  • It became a Travel Community with several complementing services designed to assist travellers.

TravBuddy to find travel buddies, record travel experiences in travel blogs, or share travel tips with travel reviews.

Thousands of people have met in real life and traveled together as a result of using TravBuddy. Read their testimonials here.

No matter where you are exploring, we hope this site will make it easy and fun for you to chronicle your experiences, both past and present. We hope that it will also be an invaluable resource for keeping in contact with family and friends, and for making new friends from all around the world.

Meet Other Travelers

Share Travel Advice

 finding and meeting travelers. Join Today! 

THE-SPHERE is an exclusive website for the happy few...

Its objective is to make even nicer and easier the daily life of the well off. Its population target is the top executives with high purchasing power, who can’t spare the time to fix up their social life.

Its purpose is to relate the social upper-crust, the stock market and business tycoons, the leading characters on the arts market, famous designers, top models, the sought after jet-setters, in other words, a cosmopolitan, urban, wealthy population looking for exclusive services within their own select club.

An online VIP area where you can enhance your contacts, meet partners in business, exchange and love.

Save Your Knowledge on TermWiki.

Collect, define and translate terms to build your cloud profile smartly.

Market Yourself Beyond an Online Profile.

Make more than a simple CV or online profile. Showcase your knowledge and skills with well-defined terms in your fields of expertise. Each term you create will be automatically added to your TermWiki profile.

Make it Yours. Define a Term.

Don’t just say you know it... share a term in arts, science, history, sports, entertainment or anything else that interests you. Showcasing your knowledge has never been easier

Translate a Term.

Show your language skills and translate terms in any one of over 10,000 language pairs.

TeachStreet helped US-based lifelong learners find great classes and teachers, and empowered teachers with robust online tools to manage their teaching businesses, and enabled schools to more effectively generate leads for their classes.

Featuring more than 120,000 classes and instructors in Seattle, Portland, and the Bay Area, the free site provides the information that students need to make informed decisions about their learning experiences, including student reviews, teacher recommendations, pricing information, location, teacher training, and more.TeachStreet is headquartered in Seattle, WA and backed by Madrona Venture Group. For more information,

      We give the power to search, find and share ideas.

Its motto is Collective Intelligence and it is proposed as an open platform where people can democratically share their opinions, interests and experiences and

discover new ideas, information and knowledge.

Taringa! is a content site in Spanish generated by users , whose mission is to give people the power to share, find and search for ideas

It has a base of 27.7 million registered users , who create and share thousands of daily posts on topics of general interest, such as Life Hacks, Tutorials, Recipes, News, Sports, Technology, Reviews, Art, etc.

The profile of the users that visit Taringa! It is very diverse.

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