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Lukas Walton – Family, Family Tree

Lukas Walton is the heir of the huge empire named Wal-Mart which was founded by his grandfather, Sam Walton. When Lukas’ father, John Walton died in a plane crash in 2005, he inherited the billions and became a much sought after billionaire of America. 

He inherited one third of his father’s estates which comprised of stakes in Wal-Mart and First Solar, a company known for manufacturing solar panels.

Lukas Walton Grandparents – Sam Walton and Helen Robson

Lukas Walton Parents – John T. Walton and Christy Walton

Lukas Walton Net WorthThough Lukas Walton has shares in Wal-Mart and First Solar, he does not work for either of the companies.

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