How It Works is multipurpose bulletin board where you can publish almost everything:

Publish your business, you must’ve seen many post displaying basic information with the links to the main website or blog where the visitors can visit if they find it interesting.

in the race of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) you need to do lots of updates in your website on regular basis and struggling with Keyword and Meta tags everytime you think of improving your traffic. with swenbew you just have to create a post which match with maximum keywords of your choice and provide flexibility of not changing your website configurations and publish a separate post from which you can derive traffic to your web page. you can check by views of different postings to understand how other websites are benefiting and getting traffic to their website.

every posting is individual so no other user or publisher can steel your traffic. no one else can post any comment or edit your post so you have full command on whatever you publish

here you can not only publish a website but also create your own website without much effort. swenbew is front publishing bulletin board you can see example here how to link multiple pages and create a website of your own.

click here for demo website

you can also start your blogging website with this micro blog or your own newsletter just by inviting your friends to subscribe you. they will be receiving regular updates of your micro blog or newsletter whenever you publish them

another creative idea is that with swenbew you can announce special days of your life, and publish it here. these posting if permanent will remain here forever

start a food blog or small digital publications, make your thoughts public or promote your private business; everything is possible with swenbew. new revolution in bulletin board history

in the nutshell this project is conceived and executed by a non technical person who is still very scared of technical jugglery and totally unable to understand computer language. all he wanted to have something which can be worked for multipurpose by people like him and their is not threat of disturbing any setting which may cause financial loss or loss of effort

  • do whatsoever you want
  • allowed to do end number of mistakes
  • all you need is creative head ….. if you are not creative…… a crazy head will do 😉
  • even if you are small seo profession: all you need to master some easy tasks of loading data (front end) and adding link (self explainatory process, again by front end)

oh god we wrote a lot here. you don’t need this much information.
just log in and try experimenting, and watch your every effort get published within a second and ready to be searched by your clients and other target audiences

keep experimenting

Note: we tried to use big phrases to impress you but honestly this is a plain simple bulletin board with front end publishing and easy media posting with link insertion …. that’s it 

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