Encyclopedia of Triangle Centers

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Clark Kimberling, a professor of mathematics at the University of Evansville, Evansville, IN, maintains a list of triangle centers. They are labeled by number as (X1), (X2), etc. The number of centers associated with triangles is over 5000

PART 1: Introduction and Centers X(1) – X(1000)
PART 2: Centers X(1001) – X(3000)
PART 3: Centers X(3001) – X(5000)
PART 4: Centers X(5001) – X(7000)
PART 5: Centers X(7001) – X(10000)
PART 6: Centers X(10001) – X(12000)
PART 7: Centers X(12001) – X(14000)
PART 8: Centers X(14001) –
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