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Behind the scene their is always second side of the coin love life and learn always

The 12 Styles of American Man: Which One Are You?

From the workman to the sportsman, find out which lifestyle you fit then learn how to dress for it

The Powerhouse

Also Known As: The master of the universe, the big swinging dick, the man.Dress code: Power suits, seven-fold ties, black cap-toe oxfords. First known sighting: Drexel Burnham Lambert, 1984. Recent sighting: Testifying before Congress. Hall of Famers:Michael Milken, Gordon Gekko, Jack Donaghy. 

Signature accessory:Deborah, his longtime personal assistant. Bragging rights: Record profits in 2009. Cause for stress:Barney F–king Frank. 

Pickup line: “We’ve got ten minutes until Asia opens.”

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