Month: August 2018

We see news stories about the impact of technology on our everyday lives all the time these days. Many of us started to think about how technology affects us personally. But how many of us have stopped to think about how it affects our children?

85% of mothers said they use technology to keep their children busy (source).

Kids are receiving their first internet-capable device earlier and earlier. That same study showed that 83% of American households have tablets, and 77% have smartphones (source).

Even in school, technology is abundant. Teachers set homework that requires online research and tools and use apps to manage that homework.

MageAnts offer best magento 2 extensions for your store. The extensions created by certified developers so 100% bug free also provide quick and fast support.we also provides a magento 2 free extensions too.

Here is some top notch magento 2 extensions which are boost your eCommerce store

Magento 2 Store Pickup

Magento 2 Store Locator

Magento 2 Social Login

Magento 2 Gift Card

Magento 2 FAQ

Magento 2 RMA

Magento 2 Follow Up Email

Magento 2 Store Switcher

Magento 2 Force Login

Magento 2 Year Make Model

Why MageAnts

every one have questions why we choose MageAnts magento extensions and our answer is simple is we provide quick support, 30 day refund policy and free upgrade services you can test and then buy.

KaryaCita | Intelligence Business Solutions

KaryaCita is an agile IT Support and Services company delivering high quality solutions throughout the Malaysia. We offer integrated and flexible IT Services including Application Support and Consultancy.

Combining a passion for delivering service excellence with unparalleled experience, a comprehensive IT Services capability and proven delivery methodologies, KaryaCita works with clients to align IT to their business needs, enabling their organisations to drive innovation and improve service, at a lower cost with reduced risk to operations.

We Understand Your Challenges

  • You feel that your company's growth is coming up short  and you want to get into digital marketing but you do not know where to start; let's talk to identify problems and figure out solutions to making your business better.
  • Your current traditional advertising methods are not working anymore, but it’s the only method you know
  • You are running an digital marketing campaign but you are not seeing the results

We Want You to Succeed!

Businesses like yours need a digital marketing services company that you can trust to  take your business to the next level.

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Max Solution Group of Companies, won lots of national  and APAC awards since the day it setup.


Our founder always said - through making our customer success, we will for sure success. 


We have achieved significant growth since the company were established, this is mostly down to the high level of customer satisfaction we have achieved.


In Max Solution, we treasure talent(s), we welcome talents. Having say so, all of us here unique and talent on its own way.


Our sales and development manager(s) will discover your needs, requirements and potential for solutions.


We live in a world where devices outnumber people and create more data than people can consume.

Digital BLB is a web design and development studio based in Kuala Lumpur. We specialise in brand services and focus on web design.

Learn More

DigitalBLB is a website design agency based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. They have worked on projects of varying size, with small to multi-national corporations.

A place where a good journey starts and takes flight

When you fly with us we become part of your crew. We work with you to make your flight as smooth as possible and ensure that your digital ambitions become a reality. Experts in web design, web development and digital marketing we have the skills to help your company soar higher.

We provide simple web solution that work, really work for your business. fresh design, responsive & customizable.

Give it a try today!

Delivers Business Agility

With our selection of reliable Open Source software, we able to provides business agility to businesses alike by speeding up the pace of software development and upgrade. The core software is built by hundreds of community professionals. Further more there are thousands of component available to transform your site into almost anything you can imagine.


With our recommended opensource core, you are not bounded by any restriction or licenses agreement.



Macromac Group of Companies is a Malaysia-based company offering innovative software solutions, quality development and consultancy services to its clients nationwide the company with track record success had diversified into various fields like software development, multimedia, mobile technologies, and complete set of web design, web development and online marketing solutions.

We have been servicing out clients in Malaysia and abroad since 2006 and have handled all our projects with high level of professionalism clubbed with quality service.

Macromac Group of Companies is proud to announce that Macromac Technology (Asia) Sdn Bhd  and read more.

Stellen Infotech and team would help you out if you are in need of urgent WordPress developer to accomplish high quality wordpress development projects. We have been dealing with global clients of small to medium enterprises since 2007. We have expertise with ecommerce development (woocommerce) with WP. Thus, Hire expert wordpress developer from Stellen Infotech is worth to invest where ROI (Return on Investment) is expected.

Hire dedicated WordPress developer from WP Online Support to avail the following solutions:

WordPress web development

Theme development

CMS development

WordPress plugin development

Module installation & system design

Theme/template customisation

Findbulous is a professional web services company based in Malaysia which delivers advanced web solution, mobile application development and online marketing service.

We aspire to become a progressive web solution company. We seek to effectively utilizing people, resources and technology to effectually assist our clients to meet their business objectives. We aim to provide creative and effective solutions of high quality while being competitive in all aspects.

Most companies are about profit. Findbulous is about creating technologies that will change the way people conduct business and live our lives. We believe we can make the world a better place.

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